Trinity Radar is a UI Testing tool for delivering bug free web applications

Record tests as you browse. Add assertations along the way. Run tests and catch bugs before customers see the bug.

Run tests in Real Chrome browser

Once the tests are recorded then those tests are run in Chrome browsers in the cloud. Support for IE is coming soon.

Automatically Run All Tests on a Daily or Weekly Basis

You can manually run the tests anytime. Using our API you can start a new test after deploying the code to staging or to production. You can also set all tests to run at a particular time on a daily or on a weekly basis.

Run tests Locally in your laptop for debugging

Sometimes tests just fail. In such cases if tests are running in cloud then debugging could be very frustating. Trinity Radar allows you to run tests locally on your machine and helps you debug by setting breakpoints.

Customize tests by writing JavaScript code

In some cases one needs to control the test using JavaScript code. Trinity Radar lets you execute arbitrary JavaScript code.

Share a public URL with others without worrying about them changing anything

Sometimes you want to share your tests with someone who is not in your team. In such cases send them a public URL. Users with the public URL cannot edit any test, add any test or run any test.

Capture JavaScript Errors

Trinity Radar can keep an eye on JavaScript errors and in case of any error that test would be considered a failure. You can turn "on" or "off" this feature.

Everything you need for better QA

Concurrent Builds
Run upto 20 concurrent builds to make tests run faster.
App Integrations
Integrate with Github, Slack and other tools.
No more wait statements
Never write any wait statements even for flaky pages. Trinity monitors AJAX requests and when response comes then it checks for the element.
JavaScript frameworks
Using new fancy new JavaScript framework? Not a problem. Trinity works with both new and the old frameworks.
Screenshots of every page
Pictures don't lie. Trinity takes screenshots of every single page of every single test build.
Better Workflow
Works with your development and QA worflow. No need to change how you work.
Data Security
Your data is safe with us. By default Trinity masks any password so it is not shown to anyone viewing the tests. Data is stored on an encrypted database.